Childproof home checklist: how to keep your child safe

Childproof home checklist: how to keep your child safe

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Your child’s safety is one of the most important things in the world, especially at home. Following our 5 tips, you will become a master in childproofing your house.

A new baby is on the horizon and you’re probably feeling excited and stressed at the same time. One of the most important things that you should consider as a new parent is the safety of your new baby, starting with childproofing your house.

How to childproof your house: 5 child safety hacks every parent needs to know

How to be safe at home with children

When the baby arrives, everything around you will unleash joy. The first months will be a total new world for you and your routine will probably be turned upside down.

And before you know it, your baby will start crawling. This means you should be ready once your child starts walking around the house.

How can you childproof your house?

The great news is that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to make sure your child is safe at home. Childproofing options can be affordable and relatively easy to do.

Here you can check out 5 low-cost ways to baby proof your house.

5 child safety hacks every parent needs to know

1. Window safety locks

First things first, you must baby proof your windows. If you want to keep the windows open without worrying about your child falling from them, all windows must have additional locking systems to prevent children from opening them. In addition, they should be fitted with protective adhesive tape.

2. Child proof doorknob

To baby proof your door knobs, you can create a simple device using material you’ve got at home! Take a tupperware container and cut a slit in it before placing it over your door handle. Tighten on the bottom of the lid and there you have it!

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3. Edge protectors

To protect the edges of walls and the corners of furniture you must use shockproof material. This will give you peace of mind because this safety measure will prevent your child from banging his/her head.

4.Hide dangerous substances

Substances such as medicines, detergents, alcohol, tobacco, plant products, lighters, etc. must be kept in places inaccessible to children: on top or in locked drawers. You should beware mainly of the pills and small objects that children can ingest.

5. Clear the access routes

Those routes must be clear of all obstacles when the children are still very young. An alternative and valid solution is also to use a safety gate. This will prevent children from injuring themselves while they crawl or walk around the house, and be particularly useful at the top and bottom of staircases.

The list can definitely be longer, but these are the most important 5 safety hacks that every parent should know to childproof the house.

Baby safety is an important part of having a young child. If you have a babysitter, make sure to explain to her/him how to keep your child safe and how your house is childproofed. Better safe than sorry. It is important to be careful and organized with children, and even more so with newborns.

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