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Helpful reviews & references

Angela from Amsterdam
October 2021

A welcoming and fun family, very easy to get on with. And an exciting and playful kid. Very fun babysitting for them :)

Annis from Amsterdam
October 2021

Annis is een lieve, geduldige en betrouwbare oppas voor onze dochter.

Daisy from De Meern
October 2021

Heel lieve, rustige en zorgzame oppas voor onze kinderen van 1 en 3 jaar!

Joyce from Amersfoort
October 2021

Leuk gezin! Hele lieve jongens:

Milou from Amersfoort
October 2021

Super leuke meid met hele goede klik met onze zoontjes!

Will from Amsterdam
October 2021

Great family. Will was really caring and made sure to walk me through the details in the best way possible. Isabella is an amazing mini-l...

Dinora from Nijmegen
October 2021

Dinora is a fantastic employer. She is flexible, understanding and very nice. Her kid, Iker, is smart, behaves well and doesn't cause any...

Marina from Nijmegen
October 2021

Heel aardige en veranvoordelijk.

Hasna from Amsterdam
October 2021

Hasna seems to have a good click with our 9 year old daughter after just one short session. She is a very warm and conscientious person a...

Emilie from Wageningen
October 2021

Leuk gezin om op te passen met gezellige kinderen die altijd zelf bedenken wat ze willen doen, als je meedoet vinden ze het extra leuk :)...

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