Find the best pet for your family - The Test

Find the best pet for your family - The Test

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Are you and your family looking into adopting a pet into your family? Take our test to see which types of pets could be the best for your family!

If you’re here, you’re probably interested in learning more about some easy pets to take care of or the best pets for kids. But how do you know which pet fits your family best?

Keep track of your answers while going through the questions below to find out! There won’t always be the perfect answer for your family but try to pick the one that is closest to your family situation. When you’re done, we’ll give you a better idea about the best pets for your family!

Best pets for families


1. Which of the following lifestyles describes your everyday life as a family best?

  • A) We are an active family that never spends longer than necessary in the house. We love to do sports, go for hikes and spend active holidays. (3 points)
  • B) We are quite laid back and like to spend time in our home playing games and enjoying quality time as a family. (2 points)
  • C) The adults in our family work a lot and we have a rather tight schedule. (1 point)


2. What about traveling?

  • A) We go on holidays regularly, both short trips and extended summer vacations. (1 point)
  • B) We rarely go on holidays except for short trips to visit family and friends. (3 points)
  • C) We go on one summer vacation and that’s it for the year. (2 points)


Family traveling


3. How much time are you willing to spend with the pet?

  • A) I am willing to feed the family pet three times a day and take it to the vet once in a while. (2 points)
  • B) I need a companion! I’m ready to go for walks and spend a lot of time with my new friend. (3 points)
  • C) I am quite busy and I would like to have an easy pet to take care of. (1 point)


4. Which of the following statements best describes your financial situation as a family?

  • A) We have enough money to cover our expenses but not a lot to spend on additional activities like going to the movies, eating out, etc. (1 point)
  • B) We have enough money to cover our expenses, some extra activities and manage to save some money every month. (2 points)
  • C) We are comfortable and ready to spend our savings and money for our future pet! (3 points)


5. With which of the following statements do you relate the most?

  • A) I believe that the best pets are really expensive and I am willing to spend a lot of money on them. (3 points)
  • B) I think family pets can be expensive when they need to go to the vet but other than that, food and care is relatively cheap. (2 points)
  • C) I don’t see the need to spend a lot of money on my pet. (1 point)


6. Let’s talk about space. Where do you live?

  • A) We live in an apartment/house without a garden. (1 point)
  • B) We live in an apartment/house with a small garden. (2 points)
  • C) We live in an apartment/house with a big garden. (3 points)


7. How old are your kids?

  • A) Babies/toddlers (2 points)
  • B) School children (3 points)
  • C) Teenagers (2 points)
  • D) A mix of all (2 points)


Family age of kids


8. And does anyone have any allergies?

  • A) Yes, some of our family members are knowingly allergic to animal hair. (1 point)
  • B) Yes, some of our family members have food allergies or hayfever. (2 points)
  • C) Nope, no allergies in our family. (3 points)


9. Who in your family is the most thrilled about getting a pet?

  • A) Definitely the kids, they have been nagging to get a cute pet for months/years. (1 point)
  • B) Everyone - we love animals and have been thinking about getting a family pet for a long time! (3 points)
  • C) We are not sure yet and still want to explore our options. (2 points)


10. Another very important question: What kind of pet do you want?

  • A) A big, active, friendly dog breed to accompany our family (3 points)
  • B) A small dog or a cat (2 points)
  • C) An easy pet to take care of such as a rabbit, hamster, etc. (2 points)
  • D) Even smaller: we’re thinking about getting a fish (1 point)


11. Besides feeding your pet, what else do you want to do with it?

  • A) We mainly want to cuddle and/or play with our cute pet and have a great time together. (2 points)
  • B) We are looking for an addition to our family that accompanies us on our family activities and trips. (3 points)
  • C) Our kids are still pretty young so feeding and looking at the pet is enough for now. (1 point)


12. What is the main factor why you want to get a pet for your family?

  • A) We all love animals and would love to add a new furry member to our family. (2 points)
  • B) The kids sometimes feel lonely and we think a pet could be great company for them. (3 points)
  • C) Our kids’ friends all have cute pets and after seeing that, our kids also really want to get a pet. (1 point)


Cute pets for families


Now add all the points of your answers together and check your final score.

**36 - 29 points:** *Click to see result*

Wow, that’s what we call commitment! It seems like you know what you want and you’re ready to be a pet owner. Based on your answers, we recommend you to get an active, friendly dog breed such as a Golden Retriever or a Bernese Mountain dog. They are great and loyal companions who like to join your family activities. If you are looking for a way to combine your active lifestyle with your future pet even more, you could even think about getting a horse or start going to the stables.

**28 - 20 points:** *Click to see result*

Good job! You’re ready to get a new furry friend and we recommend you to start with a medium-maintenance pet. Have you considered a cute pet such as a cat or a small dog? Cute dog breeds such as Samoyeds do need attention, but compared to other dog breeds they are easy pets to take care of. If your family has older children and is looking for a cool alternative, why not look into adopting a ferret? Ferrets make cute pets, especially when trained and socialized well from a young age.

**19 - 13 points:** *Click to see result*

It seems like you’re not quite there yet. Take some more time to think about what you really want in a pet. Do you want an easy or low maintenance pet for your kids to take care of? Or do you want a cute pet that likes to cuddle with you? If you’re ready to become a family pet owner, you probably want to start small. Different types of birds, guinea pigs, rabbits or even the classic goldfish make some cute pets if you feel you’re not quite ready for big, high-maintenance dog breeds or similar.

It goes without saying that no matter what kind of cute pet you want to get, there are a few general things to consider. You should think about how long you want to keep the pet, how child friendly the pet is and how much time, attention and space it needs. If you are thinking about going for the classic dog, read some more information about what exactly to consider when choosing a family dog. And if you feel like taking another quiz, check out our dog quiz to find the best dog breed for your family situation!

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